Hello, beautiful business mavens. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a woman who is juggling the many intricacies of entrepreneurship, or at least considering the leap. Kudos! I’ve been there too, and it can be a rollercoaster of highs, lows, and unexpected curves. In the entrepreneurial world, information is our most potent tool, and today, I’m sharing my top 9 must-read blogs for you to keep your tool belt well-stocked. So, sit down with a cup of coffee, let’s embark on this virtual tour together.

  1. She Owns It: Melissa Stewart created this online space for women entrepreneurs who want to own their success. Its articles, written by a pool of strong women contributors, are honest, insightful, and geared towards addressing the real-life challenges we face in business.
  2. Women 2.0: This is not just a blog; it’s a global brand renowned for its quality content addressing technology, startups, and female entrepreneurship. Women 2.0 paints a vivid picture of women’s contributions to the tech space and provides inspiring stories of resilience and success.
  3. Ellevate Network: Ellevate is more than just a network; it’s a community dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs. The blog boasts a wealth of articles, from mastering work-life balance to advancing your entrepreneurial journey.
  4. Marie Forleo: An entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist, Marie is a powerhouse of business wisdom and personal development insights. Her blog is an amalgamation of wit, humor, and actionable advice, making it a must-read for any aspiring woman entrepreneur.
  5. Amy Porterfield: Amy’s blog is a go-to resource for all things related to online marketing. Her articles are not just instructive but incredibly engaging. The best part? She explains things in an easy-to-understand manner, perfect for those grappling with the nuances of online marketing.
  6. Lionesses of Africa: This is a digital home for over 600,000 women entrepreneurs across Africa. It’s packed with inspiring success stories, resources, and opportunities designed specifically for women entrepreneurs.
  7. Melinda Emerson’s Succeed as Your Own Boss: Known as the “Small Biz Lady,” Melinda’s blog offers practical, step-by-step advice for women running their own businesses. From finance to marketing strategies, she covers every pain point you might encounter in your journey.
  8. Natalie Sisson’s The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Natalie is your go-to person for mastering the art of building a location-independent business. Her blog is a treasure trove of resources and advice on how to grow your business while enjoying the freedom to travel.
  9. Girlboss: Founded by Sophia Amoruso, Girlboss is a platform for ambitious, entrepreneurial women. Its blog section covers everything from personal finance to self-care tips, making it a well-rounded resource.

These blogs serve as incredible platforms to empower, inspire, and guide us through our entrepreneurial journey. But remember, while these resources are priceless, the journey of entrepreneurship is uniquely yours. It’s like a fingerprint, unique and distinct. Cherish it, learn from it, and blaze your trail.

Entrepreneurship is a brave step, but being a woman entrepreneur in today’s world? That’s beyond brave—it’s revolutionary. Stay empowered, stay educated, and remember—you’re never alone in this journey.

Happy reading, ladies!